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Utilities & Wiring

Tenant Telephone Services:

  • Your telephone vendor will be responsible for running the line from the telephone equipment room to your suite and making the appropriate connection.
  • All tenant telephones, T1 lines and/or cable connections, telecommunications and other related services, will need access to the telephone equipment room.  This must first be coordinated through the Property Management Office.
  • All telephone vendors must supply the Property Management Office with a Certificate of Insurance prior to commencing installation.
  • All telephone vendors must obtain all necessary permits from the local jurisdiction prior to commencing work.

Your cooperation in adhering to these policies will be appreciated.


Electrical wiring of every kind shall be introduced and connected only as directed by Landlord, and no boring nor cutting of wires will be allowed except with the consent of Landlord.   The location of the telephone, call boxes, etc., shall be subject to the approval of Landlord.

Low Voltage Wiring If you are having telephone or data wiring installed in your suite, you will typically need a permit.